Learning Resources

Vocabulary & Word Searches

Choose a language from the puppet shows to view and print the Vocabulary and Word search resources for your upcoming bilingual performance.

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  1. The Princess & the Toad:

  2. Hans and the Witch Nettle:

    Vocabulary: FrenchGermanItalian

  3. The Jungle Book

    Character Intro (Vocabulary): FrenchGermanIndonesianItalianSpanish
    Word Searches: French, German, Italian
                       Videos & Songs: Indonesian

  4. Beauty and the Beast:

    Character Intro (Vocabulary): FrenchGermanItalianSpanish
    Word Searches: 

  5. Cinderella:

    Character Intro (Vocabulary) FrenchGermanItalian
    Word Searches: FrenchGermanItalian

  6. Puss in Boots:

    Vocabulary:  FrenchGermanItalianSpanish
    Word Searches: FrenchGermanItalian
    Video: Watch a preview of Puss in Boots

  7. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp:

    Vocabulary:  FrenchGermanIndonesianItalian, Spanish
    Word Searches: FrenchGermanIndonesian, Italian, Spanish

  8. Sindbad and the Enchanted Horse:

    Vocabulary: : FrenchGermanItalian
    Word Searches: FrenchGermanItalian
    Videos & Songs: FrenchGermanItalian

  9. Sleeping Beauty:

    Character Intro (Vocabulary):  FrenchGermanItalian Spanish
    Junior Vocabulary: FrenchGermanItalian
    Videos & Songs: French GermanItalianSpanish