We travel to you
We perform throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Carrousel Theatre is a puppetry theatre company based in Melbourne. It originated in Paris and has been performing in Australia since 1998. Our objective is to encourage and promote the study of French, Italian and German languages via the medium of puppetry. We also offer some shows in Spanish and Indonesian.
Class Resources
Class preparation material can simply be downloaded from our site. These resources are provided to help teachers and students to get the most out of our shows.
Traditional Craft
The shows are especially crafted for school students learning a new language. The stories are based on original tales that we adapt for puppetry. Our traditional characters and stories give the students an opportunity to enjoy and understand the diversity of cultures around the world.
What do we need
We need three student desks, access to a power point and a white board or dividing screen.
How long does it take?
1 hour to put up the theatre
1 hour show
(50min show + 10min question time)
45min to dismantle the theatre

Audiences & Venues
*Primary Schools (all levels)
*Secondary Schools year 7 to 10
At your School: in a theatre, a library, an auditorium, a hall,
a gymnasium, a double class room, or in an open area.
Special Occasions
Private Functions
Social Clubs: please contact us with details
Festivals: price is available on request
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